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Turning over a new leaf is hard. Building better habits as an adult human being is difficult.  I've known myself for some years now, well maybe not counting the first few years of being a baby, but it's been quite a ride. It's not the smoothest, journey-wise, but I am proud to say it's been a great experience so far. I must admit though, that this character I've become, can be a hit or miss. At times she's endearing, most times she could be chaotic. And like any plot that drags an arc more than it should be, I feel like living life in a narrative with no character growth is quite similar.  I picture life in phases, of different levels, with varying difficulties. You start out with your child phase which is the most fun you'll ever have as a person. Your creative stats are through the roof. Basically, everything is magical. What disappoints me about this phase is you don't remember a lot from it, and remember even less as you age.  After that is the disco

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