Welcome to your life, there's no turning back

Like any self-assessing millennial, I often wonder, how did we even get here??? I don't think anyone really asked to be born into their life. What is that magical mechanism working in the background that we are unaware of? And the worst part is...there's no turning back (Tears For Fears couldn't have phrased it better, honestly).

Not to be depressing but we really are not given a choice. We usually have to make do with what is given to us - circumstances and all. Born into a poor family, too bad for you. Get ready for a challenging life. People born into a rich family may not face the same trials and tribulations, but don't think for a second they don't have their own demons to face. Life is hella complex.

Much like everyone, I had to deal with what is given to me during birth - imperfections and all. Most of my life has been a series of trying to make things work. I used to hate being born into a poor family but I eventually came to accept my situation. Doesn't mean I didn't do anything to improve it though. 

Must be all those years of getting hooked on RPGs but I think the best approach to life is to imagine you're playing a video game, only it's your life (no pressure). Like any playable character, you start at the lowest and then you work your way up with small missions your level could handle. Eventually you gain new skills that would equip you better for bigger missions and harder boss fights. And then one day you wake up and you're the highest level character in the game. Suddenly, trials that seem so hard before are manageable. You may even be wielding a legendary item that's unique to you. You can beat anything...up until you encounter the next big boss that will challenge you beyond what you are capable of and the cycle starts again. This goes on and on until we're on our last power up and then game over. 

Is that sad? Maybe a little bit. The knowledge of everything coming to an end eventually is enough to dampen any spirit but I also think that's what makes life really beautiful and worthwhile. As my favorite The Good Place quote goes, "That life has an end and, therefore our actions have meaning." Imagine being an immortal being with no end in sight. Knowing one day we won't be here anymore to experience life is enough to push us to wake up and do something.

So whatever it is that we're going through, collectively and individually, I hope that we find something helpful from all this. Whether it be a painful memory or a funny anecdote. 

"All for freedom and for pleasure. Nothing ever lasts forever."


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