My Diet Diva Adventure!

I now weight DUNDUNDUNDUNDUN one hundred and thirty eight pounds. That's almost a hundred and forty pounds of regret, failure, and defeat. So many metaphors, I know. I really can't believe how fast it took me to gain 40 pounds. If you must know, I used to weight 95-98 pounds, back when I was still in college which was not that too long ago.


I was also a very ugly girl with a signature duck face. Gross. 

And this is me now.

I wouldn't want to go back to 95 pounds though because that means I'll be too thin for my own good. A good 105 pounds is what I'm after. Unfortunately, I've tried everything from crash dieting to diet pills to working out and failing miserably. What I really need is a strict meal plan which is low in calories but is enough to keep me full. Also, me quitting rice is just out of the question. 

So color me amused when I found out that my friend Yasha lost 4 pounds in 4 days (OH MY GOD RIGHT) after enrolling in a diet delivery service called Diet Diva. I instantly messaged them and asked about their service. I got to talk to the owner, Kakki Teodoro, and I even got to know more about her newfound passion! 

Kakki: We just started this September because I wanted to embark on a healthy lifestyle--both weight-loss & maintenance (biggest is maintenance) yet I don't have enough time to prepare. I joined other Food Delivery services but was unsatisfied because 
2.) Some food choices in the delivery program are actually unhealthy 
3) They don't taste good and I always end up thinking "My mom cooks better" all the time.


Kakki: I decided to start my own DIET DELIVERY SERVICE with the help of my mom (Momma Diva), who recently retired and is an AMAZING cook.
Knowing the principles of calorie-counting & food guide given by nutritionist (to lower blood pressure & blood sugar, given to my mom this year when she was hospitalized ) as well as reliable online resources, we made our own meal plan and spread the word to our friends.

Kakki: Our first 10 clients of DIET DIVA all lost 2lbs to 6lbs--and the feedback was amazing. :) 
Since it's only our first month, DIET DIVA delivers to chosen areas of QC, ORTIGAS & MAKATI for FREE (a delivery charge to Makati will apply soon) :)

Kakki: Our 5-day meal plans (Monday-Friday) Include Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Plus AM/PM Snack, all for a total of only 1200calories daily.
5-day Meal Plans are only P1,800. FREE DELIVERY TO QC (chosen areas), MAKATI, ORTIGAS. YES, SO AFFORDABLE RIGHT? That's just P360 a day for all your food. 

Kakki: Plus, they're delivered to you daily (between 5am & 6am), prepared fresh every day, and are delicious! Homemade recipes by my momma. :)  

Pictures from Yasha's Instagram! :D

Cheese & Wheat Bread, Boneless Bangus w/ Red Rice, Monggo & Tea.
Hard boiled egg, tuna sausages, adobo w/ red rice, pinakbet, & tea
Sardines w/ Red Rice, Lemon Chicken w/ Veggies, Macaroni Salad, a banana.
Breakfast: Scrambled Egg Whites, Lunch: Beef Caldereta, Merienda: an orange & tea, Dinner: Green Salad. 
So yummy, so affordable and so healthy!right? I will be starting my Diet Diva adventure next week along with my officemates. Wish us luck! 

Contact Diet Diva via their Facebook page or call/text them at 0917 807 3817!


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