On Turning 30

In 2 months I am hitting my thirties and thus ending the good ol' years of my twenties. I know some of my peers dread turning 30 but I actually welcome it with a big hug! Another year on this planet to do what I love, eat all the food, watch all the anime and pet all the cats and dogs. My birthday wish is for more years with the people I love and life would be perfect.

Going back 10 years ago, to when I was 19. I remember throwing my life away in college to day drinking and existentialist discussions. A cigarette in hand while debating nonsense philosophical theories with my orgmates --- I thought I was the coolest at this point. Being anti-religion was the shit and I was there for it. It's shocking to me still how I was able to graduate. I was this close to just packing my bags to join some socialist movement. I don't know what I was doing okay!

Fast forward to today where I am now - 29 years old and probably at my most spiritual. I laugh at myself when I think about how I was so naive back then, thinking that my 'philosophies' can save me. But I guess that's what being young is all about. You have all these ideas you're so passionate about, all these dreams that you want to be realized then you reach a certain age and all of a sudden the fire and anger is gone and you're just this calm, cool adult who does yoga on weekdays.

I always say that the bravest people in this world are those that don't believe in anything. Going thru this life day by day knowing that one day all of this will end and there's nothing beyond this existence? Freaking scary, man. I was so hell bent (hehe) on being an atheist in college just cause it was cool, only to realize that I'm not cut out for that. Deep inside, I know there's something far more bigger than me and this world and I realize HIS power that goes beyond this lifetime --- until eternity.

My twenties will forever be a learning experience and I am just so glad I stayed strong and endured it with both my feet on the ground. Thank you, Creator. 

And so I leave you with this: Give thanks for every year is a blessing!


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