Lose Yourself To Dance


The whole world had a collective breakdown last week when Daft Punk announced that they are finally done being the best DJs in the world. I mean, notwithstanding that we are in the middle of the longest lock-down in the history of the pandemic, this feels just like a dark timeline there's no escaping from. Are you seriously telling me there's no way I'll get to watch ALIVE 2027??? 

ALIVE, by the way, is such a fitting name for a concert. Nothing makes me feel more alive nowadays than listening to music. I always say (to anyone who I think is a music nut like me) that listening to the right song at the right time almost feels like time traveling in the sense that it warps you right out of reality. Like our favorite robots said, lose yourself to dance. Just close your eyes and take it all in. Take what the music has to offer. Let your body move if it wants to move. Let yourself sing if that's what it's making you do. You don't even have to try, sometimes the music will just make you move without you even knowing, and ain't that the most powerful thing ever? There's just something so human and so primal about letting music take control of your body and your consciousness. It's actually quite magical how these vibrations can teleport us somewhere real, somewhere far away from society's daily existential dread.

Going on Facebook these days feels like an online obituary but with people screaming angrily about politics at each other. I'm sure that it does nothing good for our well-being which is why it does not surprise me that everyone is either anxious or depressed or worse, both. How did we all end up here? How did the world went from a seemingly innocent profile on myspace with autoplay music and a floating guitar mouse icon that leaves glitter wherever it goes --- to today's Facebook trolls, Chinese propaganda bots and all the horrible things that came out since the inception of social media. It all just became so...bizarre

Everywhere I look, there are lost souls just trying to find meaning in today's reality. I see it in self-deprecating tweets on Twitter and even cries for help on Instagram stories. I see it with every sad news about families and friends passing on. I see it with everyone who has just given up all hope and is just floating on, day by day, trying to make sense out of nothing. It's an illness far worse than this pandemic has caused. 

I know life hasn't been exactly easy, especially with cultural shifts happening everywhere, but if there's one thing that might help humans get through this weird timeline, it would probably be our fellow humans or the connections that we make through this lifetime. I am hoping that if we all just took the time to understand what exactly is happening in the world, what is real, what truly matters, maybe we'll find that not everything is black and white. And maybe, just maybe, we can all stop screaming at each other online. Who knows, maybe this will all end up in us needing to strip down to our most basic form as humans and forming a music circle where we'll keep dancing and singing to the vibrations of the world, and simply just be grateful for the gift of life.

Now before you go calling me a hippie, I ask you, when was the last time you looked up at the sky, truly made a connection with another human being, and allowed yourself to be alive? 

"The mere sense of living is joy enough."
- Emily Dickinson


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