Of Laughing With Strangers

For the first time in a long time, I didn't go out on new year's eve. Instead, I slept through all the ruckus, cuddling my cat Whiskey and my adopted dog Naldog (while Nan is away). If this is a sign of what my 2015 will be, then I welcome it with open arms.

I actually am very surprised I got this far given my complete lack of guidance and grace when it comes to living, but I did! Hooray! I actually hope I live up to a hundred and live in a farm with goats and carabaos. I'll read all the books I want and watch all the movies in my hard drive while I wait for someone to finally invent a time machine.

But before all that, I'm excited to face my 25th year with newfound abilities in life thanks to all the amazing things I've experienced so far. I want to share it with you in bullet points and hope you all get a little something to help you with the year ahead. If not then just ignore this and go to www.emergencykitten.com which is a far more superior website than this blog.

1. It doesn't hurt to stay positive.

I know 2014 might not have been the best year for some (me included) but you would never catch me wallowing in a corner, throwing my hands up in defeat. If there's one thing that got me through the toughest times in my life, it would have to be optimism. Doing the opposite will do you no good, trust me. After a shitty day filled with disappointments and emotional fatigue, I would just stop, reflect and try to see the good side in everything. Which brings me to my next point...

2. Don't waste energy on things you can't control.

Given all the trials we've faced and are about to face, it's mighty fine to choose your battles. I'm not saying you should give up once hardship is abound. I'm just saying, don't waste your life on these things because they're out of your control for a damn good reason. Just give everything your one hundred percent and if it still doesn't work, then just let go and let it be. It's a good way to strike balance in your day to day life.

3. Be the bigger person.

This one is really the hardest for me to learn (and still learning at the moment) because it is so easy to just pick a fight with someone and get it over with...but don't. It's better to be a good person than to brag about how many people you've punched in the face. Just think about Batman and Superman and the goodness of their hearts given all the bad guys they face on a daily basis. Be the hero in this challenging times.

4. Pay attention to the tiniest of details.

I'm very guilty of winging everything to finish things in the least amount of time possible which is a really bad way to live. Never rush, never resort to aggression. Take your time and plan ahead so you don't end up missing the tiniest of details which is actually better than the big picture.

5. Stop consuming garbage.

Avoid gossip and read books instead. There's really nothing to gain from reading the timeline of some person you hate-stalk. You are just wasting precious time. Feed your brain instead with books and movies worth your time.

6. Take care of yourself.

Drink vitamins, work out, don't abuse your body. You don't wanna die young and miss the best years of your life. Our metabolism is not the same so we have to work extra hard to lose those pounds after a night of pigging out. We don't want to be fat and sickly when we get older because we won't end up enjoying the years ahead.

7. And finally, be comfortable with who you are.

People always say I'm not the least bit shy when it comes to making friends and getting to know people. Why should I? It is a far better experience to make friends than to stay in a little bubble of insecurities. It's truly amazing to get to know people and their wonderful life stories. The waiters, the guards, that old lady selling in the street corner, talk to them and give them a big smile. Ask people about their day, their favorite food, etc. Who knows, that person might just be your new best friend! The only way to not be shy is to be comfortable with who you are, imperfections and all. We all have insecurities anyway so might as well get things over with. Go ahead, talk and laugh with a stranger today!

Have a great year ahead, people!


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