A Series Of Fortunate Events

When I was younger, I really considered myself to be quite the unlucky one. The younger, more unstable me felt like living off an episode of "A Series Of Unfortunate Events". It also didn't help that I was accident-prone and a mainstay at hospitals. My brothers would often poke fun at how I steal the show during family gatherings, being confined at the most opportune times (like spending 2 Noche Buenas in the hospital) because I would always be sick in the holiday season. One fine Christmas of 1996, my mother started praying to all the gods imaginable because they were so sure I was gonna die from Pneumonia. Like a true Christmas miracle, I didn't and I'm now happily living my nth life as a cat.

I've been hospitalized so many times that I already have a fair share of hospital stories, but my all-time favorite would have to be the Christmas drunkard who passed out from alcohol poisoning at 12 noon on a Christmas day. 

Hospital stories and dramatic life events aside, I actually had a change of heart. I would like to retract my original statement of being unlucky because I am actually not. Like most people, I tend to focus on the bad things because it is just so easy to cry and complain and make the world your stage. And as my favorite Doctor Who quote goes (see above photo), the bad things will never spoil the good things.

I know some people may be having the worst day or week or year. Chin up, human! Like everything that moves, this will pass. It just seems extra hard most days, especially when it really feels like an episode of Punk'd, but there is no other thing left to do but survive. Laugh at that problem in the face. Tell a very bad joke and laugh anyway. Dance it off (and burn calories in the process). Find the pile of good things beneath the bad things out to ruin your day. It is as easy as it sounds.

I consider myself quite the lucky one because I am surrounded by the most amazing set of human beings who have managed to spark change in my life, one way or another. I'm quite guilty of not being able to say how grateful I am most of the time because I don't know how to properly say it without sounding like a kiss-ass, but really, thank you everyone in my life. Thank you for the crazy good stories I will forever keep in my heart. Thank you for the life lessons which I know I badly needed because I don't make the smartest decisions alone. Thank you for trusting me with your friendship, no matter how long or short it may be. Given everyone I've met in this lifetime, there is no point in complaining. Luck is on my side.


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