Currently: Books and the YA Limbo

I told myself I'd blog more. So... (in my best Kel voice) here goes!

I bought two books from Good Books last week which I got yesterday.

If you have money to spare for books, please please please buy from their website. 100% of the profit goes to a good cause. Also, if you are willing to part with some of your books (still for a good cause), Good Books accepts donations!

I was also invited by KB to join Book Bed -  a reading community based in the Philippines. I'm newly part of the Editorial team and I'm quite excited to write something about, what else, Young Adult books! Hope I get to write something soon.

Currently Reading: I am actually reading a lot of books and I can't seem to finish them because I am always so busy sleeping living! I hope to finish the following books before this week ends.

So far, my favorite is Generation X. Hope to provide a decent book review once I'm done. The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P is proving to be quite a struggle to read because the protagonist is such an asshole. Of course I have my YA fix in the form of Sloppy Firsts and The Probability of Miracles (which is about cancer, what's new). Kluge is the only non-fictional book I'm reading right now and it is also a struggle. I hope my brain can stomach decent books once again because it is so hard to transition when you're stuck in a YA limbo. 

Ever since I got a hold of John Green's Looking For Alaska, my attention span for non-YA books is that of a 13 year old teenage girl. I am definitely not proud of this but I don't see it stopping me from consuming more Rainbow Rowell in the future. Sorry self! I promise to go out of this comfort zone and read a book or two that's not about cancer, hormonal teenagers, or manix pixie dream girls. For the mean time, let me daydream about getting lost in a world where convertibles are cool. 

Currently listening: This amazing Spotify playlist based on my most favorite Rainbow Rowell book - Attachments.

And that's about it! Are you in a YA limbo also? Tell me about it and let's share the pain together.


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