My Christmas/Birthday Wishlist

Also known as stuff I will probably end up buying for myself. My 24th birthday is on January 1 btw and I think I deserve some pretty nifty stuff given the year that was. Also, I'm turning 24! How old of me! Ahhhhhhh!

1. Happy Skin Cosmetics

I am on a make-up ban as I still have a shit ton of make-up I haven't used so maybe this will have to wait but you really need to keep me far, far away from Beauty Bar because Happy Skin is just sooooo irresistible! Plus, did you know that Happy Skin is a local brand? Super awesome.

The best person ever, Maggie, already gave me "My First Time" yesterday as a gift and I could not be any happier. I want to collect them all in every freaking color! It doesn't hurt that they're so affordable too. 499 for a lippie is not bad at all! 

2. A Very Big Bag

I like big bags and I cannot lie. Seriously, I really like big bags, a thing that's common between my best friend Belle and I because it's in our nature to bring our house wherever we go. I fancy the barrel bags at Cotton On. They look so comfy!

3. A Nice Bookshelf

Something I've been meaning to get for such a long time. I really want a simple bookshelf for my room so I can finally organize my books. Nothing fancy, just a shelf that's big enough for my growing collection of YA books. Hehehe.

4. Nike Running Shoes

I have recently discovered the joy of running and I plan to run more this 2014. I made the big mistake of buying Adidas running shoes instead of Nike ones. I am too much of a cheapskate to buy a new pair of Nike shoes sometime soon so...I'll just wait for a miracle (aka bonus).

5. PunchDrunk Panda

I looooove PunchDrunk Panda - another local company that's worth checking out! Visit their website for the newest PunchDrunk designs (by Filipino artists, nonetheless!) - from cellphone cases to shoes! They recently launched these amazing headphones - all 100% locally-made of-course! Perfect Christmas gift for that special someone! ;)

For Christmas/Birthday, I want any one of these super cool iPad Mini cases designed by Rob Cham, JP Cuison and Dan Fajardo.

That's it for me! What's your Christmas wishlist? :)


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