On Needing More Time

Most of the time, I'm just craving for more time. More time to watch TV, more time to listen to music, more time to just stare blankly at spaces.

Most of the time, I cling to my bed until the very last minute. Getting up is such a feat, I tell ya. I just want to waste away time on my bed and not feel any worry about adulthood-related responsibilities.

Most of the time, I think about why we do the things we do. Why don't we just travel to random places and make new friends (and probably make a lot of amazing stories)?

But then again, if we don't become responsible human beings, we won't have money to do the things we love. Is there a winning formula to get the balance we want in our lives?

We could probably settle for jobs that require no sort of career ladder pressure but then, could we earn money that will fund the kind of lifestyle we want (with music festivals here and there)?

I am just rambling here so don't mind my Friday night cuckoo-ness.

So here's a song. Shout out to 17 year old me who's probably drunk (proud of you girl!) in some alley. Don't worry 17 year old me, 6 years later, you're responsible as shit. Good thing you had fun in college.


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