My Ke$ha Obsession

I find it super funny that I went from not caring about Ke$ha to LOVING HER.

It all started last month when I found out we were sponsoring her concert. I was like, "Okay Ke$ha, do not care." We had to promote her concert of course so I ended up listening to most of her songs as research. Little did I know that it was the beginning of a beautiful beautiful thing!

I couldn't stop. I downloaded her two albums and her MTV reality show, My Crazy Beautiful Life. I watched all the music videos. I got addicted to Madame Ke$ha!

Come the concert, OMG, it was the best concert ever made. I am not overreacting. Every song had a glitter/confetti combo. Every song had a big production number. And Ke$ha? Baby girl was flawless!

I even got to meet her during the meet and greet and she looked like a total doll. I want to be her friend. I want to get drunk with her. I want to be her Asian confidant.

You obviously want to judge me.


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