To All The Kids

To all the kids who turned 10. A new hello kitty pencil case or a new Barbie bag does not make her a better person than you. It's okay to use last year's bag and shoes. Be thankful for mom's pabaon of good ol' home cooked meals. You will miss it terribly when you are working and scouring for cheap yet decent lunch meals in your office vicinity. Do not be embarrassed if your family is too excited to attend your first communion or your field demo. It may look like social suicide to have a whole barangay of relatives cheering you on but it's really not! Mom and dad, lolo and lola, won't be there forever. Let them see you grow up. Trust me when I say you'll miss it.

To all the kids who turned 13. It's okay to bring Zesto tetra packs to classroom potlucks. It's okay to not give your adviser and teachers gifts during the holidays. It's okay to not be hip and not own a cellphone like the others. It's not the end of the world. It's okay to feel envious of your classmates who frequent Enchanted Kingdom and take trips to different parts of the world. Don't blame your mom and dad for not being able to afford such lavish things. They are aware of the things they cannot give you, and they are forever sorry for that. They would give you the world if they could afford it and you'll realize that soon enough.

To all the kids who turned 16. Control yourself! I know that something inside you is jumping up and down and you are just ready to hump anything that's moving. Still, you better be sure of what you're getting into. Use protection. It's not baduy. You wouldn't want to get your girlfriend pregnant and take away years of what could have been the best years of her teenage life. It's not fun to be a 16 year old parent. Also, don't hesitate in joining different organizations or getting into extra-curricular activities. Few get the chance to do so after college.

To all the kids who turned 18. He doesn't love you as much as you love him. You are allowed to drink yourself until you get numb because it's what you think is right. You'll post status messages you'll regret. You'll blog until the wee hours of the morning, crying and sniffing and crying. You'll text him long messages with unforgivable grammar. You'll beg and beg. He has hurt you but it's not his fault. He's young and stupid and you'll get over it. Better get ready for you will meet different versions of him in the next couple of years. It sucks, I know.

To all the kids who turned 21. Congratulations on making it this far! It's time for you to meet reality and all its nasty friends. Arm yourself with everything you've learned over the years. Get ready because life is just about to begin.


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