Dolls & Fellas

I'm back from the seemingly dead! Thanks to dengue, I had to celebrate Christmas at a hospital lest I start bleeding to death. The hospital TV only offered one channel, which was Channel 2, so I had no other choice but to watch the whole roster of ABS-CBN shows. I fell in love with the people of the PBB house to the point where I want them to be my friends. I was also so emotional that I cried after watching Wansapanataym and the ABS-CBN Station ID. Fun times.

Before the whole dengue ordeal, I had the chance to celebrate a very fun Christmas with my company! The theme for this year was 1920's so everyone was dolled up in their most alluring flapper and dapper-themed outfits. The location? Skye Lounge at High Street! Check out the photos below for proof of why this is the most amazing Christmas party ever.

Super love the place!
Best view in Taguig
Skye Lounge pre-party
What I wore
The Social Media Team! :) 
Favorite people ever!
Mishie, Moi, and Bea
With Mon! 
Life, Me, Julia, Cheska, Sherry
With the boss! 
I was already very drunk by this time.
Thanks Paul for the photo!
Tattoo read "Little Dic" the whole night. 
Bagay sa era! 
Before all hell broke loose. 
Bouncer plus Ade had to carry me out of Skye come midnight because I was too drunk to function. They said I kept on going round in circles, saying hello to people I'm not friends with. I have no recollection of leaving Skye, getting a cab, or getting home. I woke up the next day naked on my bed. Good thing I had the sanity to take off my vomit-stricken clothes before sleeping.

Thanks for the awesome party office mates! Wish I could remember something though. 

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